Understanding Multimedia Virtual Reality

All the information we have about the world in which we live is conveyed to us by our five senses. The world we know, consists of what our eyes see, our hands touched, who kissed one's nose, which felt our tongue, and our ears hear. It never occurred to us that the "external" world can be other than what our senses present, since we've been depending on only those senses since the day we were born.

However, modern scientific research in various fields points to a completely different understanding, which raises grave doubts about our five senses and the world we know through these senses. The starting point of this understanding is the idea that anything we perceive as the "outside world" is only a response created in our brain by electrical signals. The red color of apples, the hardness of wood, our mothers and fathers, our families, and everything we have, our homes, our jobs, and even the lines of this article, are composed of electrical signals.

Today's technological development has enabled humans to feel a real experience without the need for the "outside world" or "material." The incredible advancement in virtual reality technology has produced some evidence that especially convincing.

Understanding Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that allows one to simulate the real object using a computer that is capable of generating three-dimensional atmosphere that makes the wearer as if physically involved. Its most important feature is to use a device that is designed for a specific purpose, the technology is able to make people feel misleads the world believe that what happened is real.

For example, the pilot can use the virtual reality system to perform flight simulation before the actual flight.Current virtual reality environment generally presents a visual experiences, displayed on a computer screen, but some simulations include additional sensory information on the results, such as sound through speakers or headphones

Devices Virtual Reality

To create an atmosphere that resembles the real world, virtual reality using equipment called glove, headset, and walker. Glove is the input device that can capture hand movements and sends the information to the movement of virtual reality systems. Headset is a device that serves to monitor the movements of the head. Additionally, devices that gives a view apparent to the user environment so that the wearer look as if the real world. Walker is the equipment that is intended to monitor the movement of the foot. This equipment can be used to set each user to feel the weight of the foot as if stepping into the real world. For example, the legs will feel heavy to move when the wearer is facing the world in the form of artificial marshes or muddy terrain.

How it Works Virtual Reality

The system works on a virtual reality principle is as follows. Users see an artificial world, which actually form the images that are dynamic. Via headphones or speakers, the user can hear the sound realistic. Through the headset, glove and walker, all movement is monitored by the users of the system and the system gives the appropriate reaction so that users feel as if were in a real situation, both physically and psychologically.